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> However, there is still value in the knowledge of which interface the
> packet came in so that ntpd can place different levels of trust
> depending on whether it's from a private (virtual) network segement, an
> internal or public network.  Also, this information would potentially be
> quite valuable to get a better grip on asymmetric network delays, which
> are dominating the residual timing error on many types of networks these
> days.
> Of course this can be done in various ways, among them tagging the
> packets, running multiple threads or even a fleet of DJB style mini
> daemons.

That would be an interesting and potentially useful feature.  But probably
better done with a from scratch implementation, instead of hammering the
existing userspace packet filter to do it.

(My own inclination is to do it with explicit and implicit flow tags, but
that is a dicussion to have in a year or two.)



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