Preliminary report on variable initialization, and when does code freeze happen?

Ian Bruene ianbruene at
Sun May 27 16:25:00 UTC 2018

I have done a scan over the variables that I have already structified in 
recent weeks to see where they get initialized.

Most of the variables I have checked get initialized either at 
definition time, or in some sort of init_foo() function. I found three 
variables that are never initialized:

* sys_vars.sys_rootdist

* mon_data.mru_entries

* mon_data.mru_peakentries

sys_rootdist was only recently added to the code, its entire purpose is 
to funnel data to mode 6. I believe this could be safely initialized to 
0 with issue.

mru_entries is incremented and decremented, but is only ever assigned in 
mon_stop(). As I understand it it is only through dumb luck that this is 
ever correct. I believe it can be initialized to 0 without issue.

mru_peakentries is a counter, much like sys_rootdist I believe it can be 
initialized to 0 without issue.

I can fix all three of these now. However I do not know when the pre-1.2 
code freeze is happening and do not wish to make any further changes to 
the C code until after SELF except as necessary.

There is also the larger question of do we want variables to be 
initialized at definition or within an init_foo()? The code is not 
consistent on this and appears to be in the middle of a transition in 
some direction. I assume it is in the direction of initialization 
functions, but I do not know.

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