-g broken

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Thu Mar 22 06:48:05 UTC 2018

> I'm thinking there were two jumps in the first little bit.  Maybe 60
> seconds?

There should be something in the log file.

> Do you have a GPS clock that is prefer?  Did you set the time to 2134,
> restart gpsd so it is in the wrong epoch?  Then start ntpd?  very repeatable
> for me.  Even on diffeeent NTPsc versions. 

I set the time by hand to demonstrate that -g works as expected.  You get one 
big jump.

>> What options did you use for waf configure?
>    bootstrap
>    rm -R build
>    mkdir build
>    cd build
>    ../configure
>    make && make install

There is no waf in there.  Looks like the recipe for ntp classic.

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