Initial test coverage report

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Jun 20 19:42:03 UTC 2018

Ian said:
> I need to sanity check this first: Am I correct in thinking that tests
> should be arranged as 1 file of tests corresponds to 1 file of code,  rather
> than the test files corresponding to this or that concept which  is scattered
> over various source files? 

I assumed there was a reason for the parallel naming.

We could make it explicit by adding a 1 line comment to the top of each 
module.  That would be a good place to mention any complications.  We could 
also rename any modules that don't fit the pattern.

The current test setup bails after a test fails and doesn't run the rest of 
the tests in that routine.  Is there a clean way to make it skip some/all the 
rest of the test routines in that module?  I suppose I could a global variable 
and test it at the beginning of each routing.  Context for that query is using 
a test for authreadkeys to leave behind some keys in memory that following 
routines would like to use.

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