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Yo Hal!

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> Since we now require libcrypto, it looks like we can drop
> libntp/strl_obsd.c with a bit of work on include/ntp_stdlib.h
>        OPENSSL_strlcpy(), OPENSSL_strlcat() and OPENSSL_strnlen() are
>        equivalents of the common C library functions and are provided
> for portability.

There have been recent discussions on Debian and Gentoo mailing lists
about dropping, or seriously forking, openssl support.

I have not studied the issues, and have no opinion on them, but
they are related to changes in the openssl API not being supported
by many openssl users, like openssh.

Libressl would seem to be an answer, but some refuse to support it
on license grounds.

More on the issues here:

Until the big boys decide what to do with openssl, maybe we should avoid
getting in the middle?

The right fix is to get glibc to finally support strlcpy() and strlcat().
Not gonna hold my breath on that happening.

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