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Yo Eric!

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Oh, I'm starting to see the confusion.  The terminology in ntp.conf
is just wrong.  I should have checking the ntp.conf man page before

An 'interface' is like: eth0, lo, enp3s0, wlp2s0, enp4s0u2u4.

But in the case of ntp.conf, the 'interface' is taking IPv4 addresses,
IPv6 addresses, and hostnames.  So the ntp.conf 'interface' has nothing
at all like an interface.  It is an address.

There may be perfectly sound reasons to specify an interface, but the
ntp.conf keyword interface does nothing of the sort.  It specifies
an address, not an interface.

Thus my confusion.  At a minimum the terminology needs to be fixed.

I would suggest 'bind' as a much better keyword.  MySQL, SSH, Apache, etc.
all "bind to an address".  Although some daemons support both:
bind-interface, and bind-address.  better yet, ntp.conf 'interface'
should be chnaged to bind-address.

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