SINGLESOCK - How much to strip away?

Hal Murray hmurray at
Sun Jun 3 02:36:20 UTC 2018

> Hal, can you check the assertion about FreeBSD?  Do we have a NetBSD system
> to test on? 

>> I can't think of why we actually need it.  I would have to scan
>> the code to look.
> If you have the bandwidth, please do check that premise.

I really want to get away from the SINGLESOCK stuff and finish some crypto 
work.  I'm not good at multitasking.

I have FreeBSD and NetBSD systems.  We can try setting up ssh access.  You 
should work on access that doesn't depend on me.

This is a good opportunity for you to scan the interface changing code.  The 
case I know about is forgetting state (round trip time) if an interface goes 
away.  That's conservative.  I don't know what happens if you don't forget 
that stuff.  You can try it on a PC.  Just unplug the ethernet.


In the longer term, the project should have access to a set of boxes on the 
net for live-traffic testing.  Somebody should think about what OSes/distros 
we need.

It's $5/month for a low end cloud server that is perfectly adequate for our 
needs.  I haven't looked carefully.  I'm sure some support FreeBSD.  I don't 
remember seeing NetBSD.  I think I saw something that let you provide a URL 
to boot from.  Mumble.  I'm sure somebody here knows more about this stuff 
than I do.

Running on raw hardware would be better but more complicated.  You need hands 
on occasionally.

Both FreeBSD and NetBSD run on Raspberry Pi,

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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