Stratum 1 microserver HOWTO

Achim Gratz Stromeko at
Tue Jul 31 19:08:44 UTC 2018

MIKE MAJOR via devel writes:
> 1. Is this mailing list the primary contact mode?

I'd think so.

> I suppose so as I idled in the IRC room for a day and didn't see a lot
> of traffic there.

If you want to take something to IRC, just put it there.  No need to
wait for "traffic" (that's a general rule for IRC).  Whoever is there
will answer if they think it's up their alley.

> 2. I got the pi booting, soldered the pin header to the HAT, mounted
> the HAT and checked if it was sending data. After all that, I started
> reading past the hardware list in the HOWTO. I was surprised at the
> broad detail in there.

The HOWTO is both too detailed and too less focused.  That's hard to fix
unfortunately, but maybe I'm just not seeing how.

> I thought the HOWTO would assume a working pi and start somewhere at
> "get NTPSec s/w; here's how to start building it" (I found buildprep a
> few weeks ago).

The target audience suppposedly is somebody who starts from scratch and
doesn't know their way already with the SBC boards and the other

> Would you like me to verify the ddimage/dcfldd steps?

Not me, I'd do these differently, but from the looks of it they should

> Perhaps as a replacement for those steps, I would suggest having some
> links to Raspbian or ArchLinux ARM or Fedora or whatever.

I think the rest of instructions don't work without modifications on
anything non-Debian based.  For better or worse the rasPi is the
de-facto standard SBC that people are going to use, so it'd be OK with
me if that was the only thing the tutorial talked about.

I've posted install instructions for the TinkerBoard about a year ago on
this mailing list.  It's also Debian-based so not too wildly different
from the rasPi.

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