Install tangle

Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Jan 15 04:09:22 UTC 2018


> 1) Does configure bail if installing the python libs might not work? No. 

> I think #1 always has to be no. Otherwise, you'll break tons of working
> setups, including but not limited to package builds. 

Could you please say more.

I'm assuming that PYTHONPATH or xxx.pth would fix the problem and bailing at 
configure time just means you have to fix it pre configure/build, similar to 
setting things up by installing bison and various xxx-devel packages.

I was assuming we would add a configure option to bypass the bail/warn -- if 
necessary.  (Maybe add it anyway to cover our ass when it encounters a case 
we hadn't considered.)

> If someone is writing a post-install warning, you might want to omit it (or
> soften the language) if --destdir is set. 

I was assuming that destdir is only used to put stuff off to the side during 
packaging.  The will-it-work check should be concerned with the final 
destination so a configure time check based on prefix and pythondir seems 
right to me.

Is there another use case for destdir?

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