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Yo Hal!

On Fri, 12 Jan 2018 17:43:46 -0800
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> > Yup.  Do we know if this can fail silently?  
> I tried it.  It's not silent.


> >> What I really meant was won't work after installed.  
> > Well, that would be a hard question to answer.  Should we restart
> > the ntpd daemon and see if it works?  
> ntpd doesn't depend on any of our libraries.  If it works before
> install, I expect it will keep working.  We could add a sanity check
> of running ntpd --version, both before and after the actual install.

A lot more to NTpsec than jsut ntpd.

> We could similarly check ntpq post install.
> > Wortse yet, in the case of installing into bounce directories, or
> > cross compiling, how can you test  for 'it works".   
> I'm willing to punt on cross compiles until we get a good example.

I've been doing just that for the last 3 days.  For good examples
look into Yocto.

> I don't know anything about bounce directories.

Well, we discussed this at length last week.  A lot of build systems
do NOT install directly into the system directories.  They install
into temporaty directories (trampolines, bounce directories, etc.).
Then they validate the contents of the install directory before
installing the files into the system, into a tarball, or into
something else like a .binpkg.

Gentoo, and Yocto work that way.  I think that is also how devs
build apt packages.

>  Does our install step have to know about them?
Sure, that is what --prefix and --sysprefix are for, as well as
some other parameters.

>  Should it work if we install them where we are told?

Not for cross compiles.  For native compiles, it depends.

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