rasPi Stretch Lite install notes

Achim Gratz Stromeko at nexgo.de
Mon Jan 8 21:28:49 UTC 2018

Gary E. Miller via devel writes:
>> I might contemplate a mini USB drive for the logs, but I'd like to
>> keep things local.
> I've never beat on a USB drive as much as I beat on an SD card.  Would
> they really be better?  At least if the data is on its own device I
> only lose the data.

I guess it's the same as with the cards, lots of crap out out there.

>> Unfortunately there is no way of knowing in
>> advance how much current those frives pull
> Easy, get a USB VA meter.  Good ones for $8.  You'll be amazed at all
> the things it teachs you.  

I have one, but how does that help me figure out the current draw before
I buy the USB drive?  Besides, these meters are way too slow to show the
dynamic peaks.

> Then a 32GB SD card, in a USB adapter.  0.03A idle, 0.08 continuous
> reading, and 0.09A continuous writing.  So not much difference.

It's at least a 30% difference once you figure in that the adapter
wouldn't really be needed in the first place and even more when you
realize that it actually hangs off a SDIO-to-USB bridge on the rasPi.
That's two bridges that do absolutaly nothing useful but burning power.

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