rasPi Stretch Lite install notes

Achim Gratz Stromeko at nexgo.de
Mon Jan 8 20:47:05 UTC 2018

Gary E. Miller via devel writes:
> I seem to burn out SD cards about monthly, spread out over 6 RasPi's.  I
> just keep a pile of $10 SD cards handy and deal with it.

You might have better luck with somewhat less cheap cards, one of the
big differences between SD cards is how well they do wear levelling.
Also, a bigger card with free space has more actual storage to level the
wear on.  The card that croaked was an 8GB one (mainly because I had one
at hand when I set up the rasPi) and was almost 100% full.  The thing
that probably killed it was some configuration error on Jessie that
spewed messages into the system log when xconsole wasn't accessible
(well duh, it's a headless system) combined with me logging the PPS
timestamps in parallel.  The current card is 16GB and only 30% full, so
that should keep me going for some time hopefully.  Actually I think
that the failed card might start working again when I just low-level
format it (maybe with a few less sectors than it advertises now), but
for the moment I just keep it as is.

> Writing to /tmp, then backing up later could work.  Or maybe logging
> to an NFS mounted remote disk.  Either would be nicer than regularly
> replacing the SD cards...

I might contemplate a mini USB drive for the logs, but I'd like to keep
things local.  Unfortunately there is no way of knowing in advance how
much current those frives pull and I'd like to keep that as low as
possible also.

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