We need more testing

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Jan 8 02:41:17 UTC 2018

Was: Subject: Re: What packet modes do we support?

Eric said:
>> Context is I'm working on documentation.  Often, I'm removing
>> stuff that is no longer relevant.  Sometimes that requires checking
>> the code.  Some of the code needs cleaning up too.  I think - maybe
>> I just don't understand it yet.

> Good, somebody needs to do this.  And it needs to be somone with a not-Eric
> perspective. Can't think of a better fit than you.

We should have caught most of my edits before the release.

It's a good example of why I was arguing for a serious testing period before 
a release.

Another example is your adding a TAG: to all the msyslog messages at the last 
minute.  I have fixed quite a few of them.  Bogus tags won't cause a crash, 
but it looks sloppy and can easily be misleading if a non-wizard is trying to 
use them for debugging.  The TAG: stuff may have been a good idea, but doing 
it at the last minute was poor timing.  I hate the sloppy aspect.  It just 
makes us look bad.


What's on your must-do list for the next release?  Should we keep that in the 
top of devel/TODO?

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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