Concluding the install path debate

Achim Gratz Stromeko at
Fri Jan 5 19:25:26 UTC 2018

Ian Bruene via devel writes:
> TL;DR: we have gone back to the old way. If someone wants a better
> solution feel free to propose it, *after* showing that it will not
> break FHS, break if the user's assumptions are slightly different from
> ours, or break because a feature is only available on a handful of
> systems.

I haven't mustered the patience to read all of the thread again, but I
believe that you've missed another wrinkle: The fact you're installing
ntpd into /usr/local/ does not necessarily mean you would also want to
install the Python stuff there (or any other interpreter/runtime that
may or may not be installed in the same location, documentation,
etc.pp.).  I think waf cannot currently cope with a different prefix for
Python and the rest of the installation, but it should maybe have a way
to split that on request of the user, the default should be to follow
whatever has been given as the general prefix.  If there is no usable
Python at that prefix, complain and bail, ask the user to modify the
environment accordingly and retry.

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