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> Uh, news to me that any solution was agreed to.  Last I heard this
> group was in no way on the same page.
> Rather than having me misread your code, can you put a plain summary here?

It's rlaager's code, the bash sys.path in each program one.

> Not sure how that makes me feel better.  Exactly the opposite.


But since September everyone has been locked in a loop:

10 Someone notices that things are wrong and mentions / patches it

20 Everyone argues over the N ways to solve it for about a week

30 During the argument someone comes up with method N+1

40 An impasse is reached, everyone walks away in frustration for a few 
weeks. Some forget half of the previous conclusions.

50 GOTO 10

The solutions so far have been:

1. Violate FHS. If this is kosher then it is also kosher to mangle the 
user's PYTHONPATH and we should do that instead.

2. Old system of modules randomly inaccessible. (I would be tolerant of 

3. .pth files. I'm not clear about why these are horribly broken, but 
they must be or they would have not been shot down as soon as they were 

4. The nightmare of !615

5. Have I forgotten something?

> And yet, other projects do not have this problem???

This is not helpful. Someone needs to give a concrete example of another 
project that achieves this (and where the solution is compatible with 
waf) so we can see what they are doing.

> Care to shaare that ccomment so I do not need to dig???

Not yet written. It would summarize the issues we have had and why we 
picked the particular solution.

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