1.0.1 and ntpsnmpd

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On 02/25/2018 07:18 PM, Hal Murray via devel wrote:
>>> Is there a HOWTO that tells me how to set things up?
>> I'll get to work on that.
> There may be two targets for that document.  One is SNMP wizards who don't
> know much about ntpd.  The other is NTP wizards who don't know much about

Unfortunately I am neither. I know the intersection of the two, and some 
of the basics needed to get SNMP running.

>> "Why SNMP?" I'm not sure I can tell you much more that a few minutes of
>> quality time with a wiki could.
> There is a lot of stuff out there.  A few good URLs would help people like me
> get started.  I think "curated" is the right term.

These are decent. Unfortunately proper documentation about SNMP is not 
exactly commonplace; early on I had to reverse engineer more than I'd 
like by poking the master agent and seeing what it did.




> I assume I also have to setup a system to collect the data and show status or
> email alerts or whatever.  What do you call that?  I think there are several
> packages available.  Do they all support NTP?  Do they monitor NTP servers
> directly with NTP packets?

I... am not sure what you are talking about.

Rough structure of an SNMP system:

SNMP daemon (like snmpd): Master agent. Everything routes through this, 
and it handles the permissions.

Sub-agent daemon (ntpsnmpd): responds to commands and data requests 
relayed to it by the master.

Clients: Includes utilities like snmpwalk/get/set, as well as more 
sophisticated software. Talks to the master agent to send or retrieve 
data, and does something with that data.

Management Information Base (MIB): Document specifying the structure and 
meaning of a subset of the data tree. Usually the client will have a 
copy of this so that it knows what to look for.

> At any rate, I/we need the HOWTO level info for setting up the NTP side and I
> need a HOWTO for getting the collection end off the ground.
> (In case it's not obvious, I don't mean you have to write them.  Links to
> existing info is fine.)
> --------
> In case it's not on your list...
> ntpd can monitor other ntp servers.  Just put "noselect" on a server line
> pointed at the system you want to monitor.  Then ntpq -p will give you a line
> of info and logging to peerstats and rawstats will get the normal data.

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