1.0.1 and ntpsnmpd

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On 02/25/2018 04:39 PM, Hal Murray via devel wrote:
> devel at ntpsec.org said:
>> The only real blocker that I can see at this time is the need for broad
>> testing. [reiteration of me requesting testers / reviewers goes here.]
> Is there a HOWTO that tells me how to set things up?

I'll get to work on that.

> Actually, I need something before that.  Why is it interesting?  What will it
> tell me?  Why would I want to use it?

It will tell you the same information as mode 6 (more or less), but 
through a different channel. Beyond that for the general question of 
"Why SNMP?" I'm not sure I can tell you much more that a few minutes of 
quality time with a wiki could.

For the specific relevance to NTPsec see this devlist mail: 

> What will it cost me?  (I know next to nothing about SNMP.)

You need to be running an SNMP daemon and an NTP daemon.

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