Blizzard of warnings on NetBSD 8

Hal Murray hmurray at
Tue Aug 28 18:54:42 UTC 2018

esr at said:
> These warnings are spurious.  They mean we need to find out how to declare to
> the NetBSD compiler that msyslog() is syslog-like, but that's all.

Or disable the %m warning option on NetBSD.  I think it's -Wformat

There are 93 warnings with my configure setup and all but a few are %m.  They 
are slightly longer than a line so you only get half as many per page.  You 
have to look carefully if you want to find any others.

> I don't consider this a release blocker. 

It makes us look sloppy.  We worked hard to get (almost) no warnings.  We 
should maintain that reputation.

Also, we should document the new warnings the linker gives about tempnam from 
the python library.

Just curious.  Where in wscript land does the python library get added to 
ntpd?  (I couldn't find it the other day.)

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