LKM Timemark Driver

Achim Gratz Stromeko at
Tue Aug 28 18:05:33 UTC 2018

MLewis via devel writes:
> A number of the ublox M8 series have a Timemark feature.

I can't stress it enough apparently: _all_ uBlox-8 have that feature.
Whether you can (easily) use it depends on whether the two pins are
not used for one of their alternate functions and if they're broken out
to be directly accessible.

> Other ublox may have that feature.

I _think_ the uBlox-6 timing modules have it too, but I need to check
the documentation.  These may possibly not be implemented with hardware

> The M8T has two pins, EXTINT0 and EXTINT1, for Timemark 1 and Timemark 2.
> Some boards populated with an NEO-M8T are available in the $95 USD
> range, but only some have access to the EXTINT pins.

Any other 8 series module with at least one of these two pins broken out
will suffice.

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