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> Gary, you mentioned in a MR comment that there were a lot
> of PEP8 errors in the pinup script.


> I looked up PEP8 and see that it is a style guide for Python.


> Since I don't know PEP8 really at all, I
> found a online compliance checker.

Gack, too much work.  get a local one:

# pip install pycodestyle

The to check:

# pycodestyle

> Clockmaker is littered with (~80) errors.

Yup.  gpsd is PEP8 clean, but NTPsec has a way to go.

> Is using an online checker recommend ?

Not by me.  Looks like a PITA.

Using pycodestyle locally I can vi in one terminal and test in another.
You can knock off errors very quickly.

>  Is this one as good as any other?

No way to tell.  I clearly has not options yoiu can change.

> I thought I would work on the clockmaker script regarding PEP8. That
> would be a first step to integrating the pinup functionality into
> clockmaker.

That would be nice.  pinup needs a lot of work.

> In fact, I just submitted a MR because the Pi 3B+ H/W is
> in pinup but not in clockmaker. 

What is the issue?  Seems to me the Pi 3B+ should work fine?

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