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Yo Udo!

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> Question: So what antenna would we need?
> One that covers multi GNSS, i.e.: GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, etc,
> etc.

Much easier said than done.  Technically GPS L1 and GALILEO E1 use the
same frequency:


GPS L1 bandwitdh is 15.345 MHz.  GALILEO E1 is 12 MHz.  So a GPS should
work fine w GPS.  Right?

GALILEO uses a suppressed carrier.  Most of the GPS signal is
close to the carrier.

To improve their performance some GPS antennas actually have a badnwidth
closer to 2 MHz and thus filter out GALILEO.

BeiDou B1 is down at 1.561 GHz.  So that needs a GPS antenna of large

Only way to tell is to try an antenna.  I have many seemingly identical
GPS antennas that perform very differently.  "High end" often means
narrow bandwidth and you do not want that.

Here is a list of the bands used:


And a nice graph:


GLONASS is spread around.  In thhe region of 1.600 up to 1602 GHz.

I have good luck with cheap GPS+GLONASS antennas for

I you are lucky to have an L2, L3 or L5 GPS receiver, pretty rare, then
a wideband 1.150GHz to 1.61 Ghz will get you everything.  An expensive
L1/L2 antenna will not get GLONASS.

u-blox has an app note:


In Section 5.1.1 they recommend a 50mmm to 70mm square ground plane
under a patch antenna.  They do not recommend anything larger then
100mm (4").

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