[ntp:hackers] u-blox reference clock driver

Achim Gratz Stromeko at nexgo.de
Mon Aug 13 19:55:16 UTC 2018

Gary E. Miller via devel writes:
> Dunno, I have no info on that GPS.  It does need access to the EXTINT0
> pin on the u-blox.  I think EXTINT0, for timing, is only available on
> the FTS variants of the u-blox.

Again, no -- you could easily read the documentation, though or you can
go over to the uBlox Forum if you don't believe me.

> I've never found a good list of which products are FTS.

I've posted that link, you might want to actually read it.  The only FTS
product is the LEA-M8F and you don't need or even want it.  For timing
the M8T is the one to use.

> I think the
> LEA-M8F, LEA-M8T and NEO-M8T are FTS.  Likely a few others, but not the
> basic NEO-M8L, M, N, Q or S variants.

Stop thinking, read the docs.  The timemark functionality is there in
all these.  The EXTINx inputs may not be accessible or tied up doing
other things in particular models (some modules for instance have only
one of the internally two EXTINTx inputs available and may already use
it for other purposes).

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