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Yo Paul!

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> gack. I typed 'man asciidoc' and of course it's not installed by
> default in debian. So I went to install it, and was presented with:

Yeah, not something to put on a RasPi.  OTOH, a lot of sources need
asciidoc to build.  You'll find it easy to learn and very cool to
make text files, man pages, and html from one source.  So you should
have it on your main desktop/laptop machine.

> I'm unclear here. All the Etcher app does is burn the bare image to
> the sd card.

Yeah, all that is needed is dd.  Forget the rest.

> >> As above I may be an outlier.  
> > Let's do the easy visual polish first and then revisit this.  
> Certainly. I'm not married to any of this - the reality is that the 
> howto as it is right now works just fine.

For you.  Seems one a week someone confused about it come to #gpsd.

I find the biggest problem is people miss the leading period in things
like this:

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