cleaning up, Python libraries

Hal Murray hmurray at
Sat Nov 25 04:20:06 UTC 2017

Does anybody have a list of the stuff we installed in the wrong place and 
didn't automagically clean up?  We did a lot of that ages ago.  I'd like to 
clean it up manually.

Looking at /usr/local/{bin,sbin}/ntp*, I found
  some stuff with dashes in the names
  some stuff in sbin that we moved to bin
  some stuff that we dropped
Mostly, I was just looking at the dates from an ls -l
I nuked anything old enough to show the year.


Where should our python libraries get installed?  I was expecting a local in 
the name, but it's going to /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ntp/

What's the story with PYTHONPATH?  Is there a good writeup?

NetBSD doesn't have curses so ntpmon doesn't work.  How hard is it to teach 
waf to skip ntpmon in that case?

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