Questions on SNMP TestSet validation

Ian Bruene ianbruene at
Fri Nov 10 03:15:54 UTC 2017

To process the TestSetPDU the sub-agent must validate each varbind 
through a series of steps detailed here

There are a number of steps that I do not understand, my 
summary/questions about the steps follow:

1 Denied access because not in MIB view (I think the master gets this?) 

2 Nothing shares the OID prefix (what counts?) and can be 
created/changed regardless of value (does the master get this?) 

3 Value type is wrong for all variables with same OID prefix (what 
counts? Doesn't matter: the master deals with it) [wrongType]

4 Value length is wrong (share OID prefix, etc. Master has this) 

5 Value encoding does not match MIB (huh? Encoding? I don't remember 
this, and it can't be referring to the value type as that is covered 
elsewhere), #NotAll implementations use this [wrongEncoding]

6 Value could never be assigned to the variable (I think this is for 
values outside a specified range?) [wrongValue]

7 Variable does not exist and could never be created [noCreation]

8 Variable does not exist and cannot be created under current 
circumstances [inconsistentName]

9 Variable exists but cannot ever be modified [notWritable]

10 Variable exists but cannot be modified under current circumstances 

11 During previous checks resources were not available [resourceUnavailable]

12 Some other error happened [genErr]


Primary Question: What counts as an OID prefix that is shared? The 
answer that seems right without being ridiculous (anything in an OID's 
path) is for things like SEQUENCE blah blah where there is a root path 
with a bunch of dynamic elements. Maybe?

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