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John D. Bell jdb at
Wed Nov 8 14:49:14 UTC 2017

On 11/07/2017 11:01 PM, Eric S. Raymond via devel wrote:
> The problem is that the hard parts of language translation really need a
> parser making an AST (Augmented Syntax Tree), then a transformation on the
> AST generating a report in the target syntax. That's what you hit in the
> last 15% - it's difficult to so and very difficult to integrate with
> regexp-bashing.
And on 11/08/2017 05:03 AM, he wrote :

> If we do this, I expect to write my own equivalent of c2go and
> make it work about as well as they did.  I probably won't
> publish it either.

Eric, since you are an expert in YACC-based systems, would it be worth
the effort to write such an AST-generating parser, and using *that*? 
Maybe not to the level of a releasable tool, but to get beyond the 80%
point?  Or does that fall under diminishing returns?

  - *John D. Bell*
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