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Gary E. Miller via devel <devel at ntpsec.org>:
> So then what?  Any alternatives?  Translating by hand would be a PITA and
> error prone.  Rewriting from scratch even worse.

I was assuming we'd do translation by hand with acript assistence.
But that's not as bad as you might think it would be.

The reason is this: when doing this kind of translation, you're going
to screw up most on the boring bits, because they put your brain to
sleep.  Your odds of translating a stretch of code erroneously are
thus inversely proportional to how easy it is to do with a regexp

That's sort of the flip side of the 80% wall I talked about.  It's
*why* the Go devs wrote a tool that was a dead end - because before
hitting that dead end it automated away a lot of their grunt work.

They elected not to try and document it, and warned people away from it,
because if you publish a tool like that that does 80% of the job and
ovccasionally introduces an error, you have to be prepared for people
who don't realize how hard the last 15% is to flame you mercilessly.
If you don't understabd this kind of teanslation as well as I do it
looks like crappy work.

If we do this, I expect to write my own equivalent of c2go and
make it work about as well as they did.  I probably won't
publish it either.
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