argparse vs getopt

Ian Bruene ianbruene at
Wed Jun 14 20:58:02 UTC 2017

> Think Kobayashi Maru, and you are Captain. 

> I concur.  Time admins would not thank us for the additional dependency.

Nice timing; in testing the getopt version I think there is an 
assumption that needs to be examined.

Does there need to be a default logfile name in the first place?

The only time it is needed is when the user specifies logging to a file. 
Implementing a default means that ntpq needs an entire option, and for 
what? Debug logging to a file is an inherently unusual operation. Either 
the user wants the file for immediate use (no default needed), or has an 
alias setup for automatic logging, and then any default should be in 
/var/log/ or whatever, not the working directory (and the alias can 
specify that).

Oh and Gary, the solution is to be flying the planet eater so you can 
eat your enemies for fuel. And to be careful to not let anyone ram a 
nuke down your throat.

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No. A Man Chooses, a Slave Obeys. -- Andrew Ryan

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