Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu Jun 8 07:26:21 UTC 2017

Can anybody confirm that Solaris really doesn't have time stamps?  I thought 
we decided that all modern OSes did.  That's why we could rip out the SIGIO 

I took a quick google and couldn't find any mention of anything that looked 
like a time stamp in a Solaris man page for setsockopt.  But some of the 
stuff I was looking at was surprisingly old.

If Solaris doesn't support time stamps, I would expect ntp_packetstamp to die 
on a #error.  What happened with it?  If it does support time stamps, how are 
we supposed to read them?  There are a bunch of CMSG macros over in 
ntp_packetstamp.  They are useless without those missing symbols so it should 
have barfed there too.

> So the fix is prolly to revert Commit a893edc7fa5fdf05b7558c46b2e83db9c7a0881
> b. 

I think we should try to go forward.  That commit made time stamps work in 
most other OSes.  I think we really want that.

The rest of the code is somewhat prepared for this.  If an OS doesn't support 
time stamps, we can go back to using the time-after-select without a lot of 
work.  I think we want to document which OSes are broken.

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