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Yo Royce!

On Wed, 22 Feb 2017 12:50:39 -0900
Royce Williams <royce at tycho.org> wrote:

> > Nothing we do says an admin can't "rm /usr/bin/XXX".  I often have
> > that in my build scripts.  No need to clutter the build options for
> > that.  
> Bespoke downstream file removal has its place -- but there's a
> break-even point.
> IMO, it's better for projects to provide a reasonable baseline
> client/server split. It allows the project to express a broad,
> informed recommendation about where the split should occur. It also
> allows the project to change that split in a controlled and
> long-term-ecosystem-friendly manner if the need arises.

In the NTPsec case, the client is the server.  So not a good cleave

Ditto the tools NTPsec ships are for both client and server.  So
not a good cleave point.

We have already imagining a split into an ntpd package and an
ntpd-tools package.   So just a matter of what goes where.

> Splitting client and server is also very appliance- and
> embedded-friendly.

Anyone doing an appliance or embedded server will already be making
their own install scripts.  I expect 99% of NTPsec installs to not
be done with our scripts, but with distro specific scripts.

Just for starters most people install binary packages and NTPsec does
not go there, that is for the distros to do.

Our scripts are just for developers and for packagers to get a start.

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