DCF77 driver seems to be broken

Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Sun Feb 19 21:00:06 UTC 2017

Achim Gratz <Stromeko at nexgo.de>:
> It wasn't a timeout, but a reversed application of an offset and a wrong
> conversion of the resulting delta value as an absolute timestamp… sigh.
> Here's the full patch that restores the DCF77 driver to function.

I'll apply this if you like, but I'd prefer a merge request on GitLab so
you get properly credited in the commit history.  You deserve it for this.

And *thanks*!   This would have been impossible to notice without a live
DCF77 and extremely difficult for me to debug even if I knew it was there.
I'll add DCF77 to the list on the website of drivers tested and known good.

You have also lifted a burden from my mind by confirming that the
generic-driver framework itself is not broken.  The changes I had to make to
it during the big cleanup were devilishly tricky and have been at or
near the top of by worry list about where I was most likely to have
busted something.
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