clockvar reporting from generic (DCF77)

Achim Gratz Stromeko at
Sun Feb 19 20:32:51 UTC 2017

The CV reporting from the generic drivers (tested with DCF77) needs some
attention.  Before the clock first synchronizes, the output is severely

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
associd=30868 status=0000 no events, clk_unspec,
device="RAW DCF77 CODE (Conrad DCF77 receiver module)", name="RAWDCF_CONRAD",
timecodeWDCF_CONRAD"� poll="1, noreply=0,\r\nbadformat=0, baddata=0, fudgetime1=880.500, fudgetime2=27.350,\r\nstratum=0, refid=PCFk, flags=0, refclock_time="<UNDEFINED>",\r\nrefclock_status="", refclock_format="RAW DCF77 Timecode",\r\nrefclock_states="*NOMINAL: 00:00:07 (100.00%); running time: 00:00:07"refclock_driver_version="4.81 2009/05/01 10:15:29""
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

Note the control character escapes and the binary data in the output.
ONce the clock synchronizes, most problems go away, but not all:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
associd=35013 status=0020 2 events, clk_unspec,
device="RAW DCF77 CODE (Conrad DCF77 receiver module)", name="RAWDCF_CONRAD", timecode="------##-#-#--#---M-S1--8---p1----2p1--81-124-2---124-1---P", poll=24, noreply=0,
badformat=1, baddata=0, fudgetime1=880.5, fudgetime2=27.35, stratum=0, refid=PCFk, flags=0, refclock_time="dc547a0a.00000000 2017-02-19T20:09:46.000Z",
refclock_status="TIME CODE; (LEAP INDICATION; CALLBIT)", refclock_format="RAW DCF77 Timecode",
refclock_states="*NOMINAL: 00:04:15 (68.00%); BAD FORMAT: 00:02:00 (32.00%); running time: 00:06:15"refclock_driver_version="4.81 2009/05/01 10:15:29"
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

Note that after the refclock_states and before the
refclock_driver_version the ", " that's supposed to be there is in fact

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