ntpq peers formatting needs floating point for time slots.

Achim Gratz Stromeko at nexgo.de
Sun Feb 5 09:05:24 UTC 2017

Hal Murray writes:
> It's so close to working reasonably well without an extra flag that a bit of 
> kludgery seems worthwhile.

What I'm saying is that we already have introduced variable field width
in some sense, so the code that prints out the data might just as well
drop all pretenses of dealing with fixed field widths.  For "classic"
mode the field widths (and positions) would stay as they are and
anything else could use different pre-computed field widths.

> The current code prints out each line as soon as the data is returned from 
> the server.  Another approach would be to collect it all so we could scan the 
> column and use the 4th digit if everything would fit.

I'm not sure what the implication of waiting for all data really is.  It
would certainly work for the things I use ntpq for, but that may not be
the case for other folks.  What I had in mind was to simply allocate the
available space more intelligently based on what we can know before
statrting to print out the data.

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