Clocks broken on Mac mini

Gary E. Miller gem at
Wed Feb 1 02:26:17 UTC 2017

Yo Hal!

On Tue, 31 Jan 2017 17:05:21 -0800
Hal Murray <hmurray at> wrote:

> >> Looks like ntpd is happy now.  
> > And what was the magic incantation?  Can you reset and make ntpd
> > fail again?  
> Installing adjtimex.
> Aside from the command line, it's got a mode where tries to adjust
> the drift like ntpd does.  I think saves stuff on the disk so when
> you run it again it can see how far the clock has drifted.  I don't
> know how that interacts with ntpd.

I think adjtimex does not save anywhere but in kernel RAM.

> > We are not talking about most, we are talking about the outliers.  
> There are two types of outliers.  One is hardware, a specific box has
> a weird crystal or out of date firmware or...  The other is
> systematic.  Someplace in the long chain of hardware, documentation,
> firmware, kernel, libraries, and ntpd isn't working right.  I think
> this one is worth understanding.  If/when we understand it, we can
> try to come up with a reasonable work-around.


> > Not tried chronyd yet?  
> I have it running on an OpenBSD system.  It seems to wander off
> occasionally. I haven't investigated.

Not tried chronyd on this problem Mac and OS then?  Would be nice to
know of chronyd suffered the same problem on ntpd on this problem host
and OS.

> >> I think it's reasonable for ntpd to expect the kernel clock to be
> >> reasonably close.  
> > I don't.   
> We should probably agree to disagree.

I'll have to prefer my personal experience to your expectations on

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