./waf install is not idempotent?

Achim Gratz Stromeko at Nexgo.DE
Mon Dec 25 11:43:43 UTC 2017

24.12.2017, Fred Wright via devel:

> The trouble with "clean" features in build systems is that they normally
> clean what they'd build and/or install with the *current* state of the
> code (and in some cases, the current options), but can leave stuff behind
> when the code or options change.  You can minimize this by cleaning
> between build code updates (and always cleaning with the same options as
> you used to build, if they're not sticky).
> If you're working in a git repo, then the most effective clean is "git
> clean -dxf".  Beware that this nukes *everything* that's untracked or
> ignored (other than the .git tree, of course); if you want to "look before
> you leap" use "git clean -dxn".

The better fix is to allow (and configure) for out-of-tree builds and 
have clean remove the currently configured build-dir recursively.


(on the road :-)

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