Python libs on Debian/Raspbian

Fred Wright fw at
Sun Dec 24 02:19:47 UTC 2017

On Sat, 23 Dec 2017, Hal Murray wrote:

> > but isn't when compiled extensions like 'ntpc' are involved.  Extensions
> > almost never work with a different Python that the one they were compiled
> > and linked for, with a variety of possible failure modes.
> Should get installed in the ARCH dir rather than the normal dir?

Theoretically, yes, but when I tried changing it to do so it didn't work
on some platforms, so I left it the way it was and documented the issue in
a comment in the wscript.  That's orthogonal to the main issue in this
thread, however.

Recent versions of Python have started incorporating the Python version
into the filename extension of the extensions (talk about terminology
overload), which is no longer .so, but that didn't start until 3.5.

Fred Wright

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