Fix for Issue #409

Achim Gratz Stromeko at
Tue Dec 19 11:15:26 UTC 2017

Hal Murray via devel writes:
> I just pushed a fix for Issue #409.  The drift file now gets created with the 
> normal protection modes rather than 600 so apparmor should be happy when 
> reading it as root during startup.  (Unless you have a non-standard default 
> mode.  ...)

That's not a fix, that's creating a latent security problem with
clobbering a file name that's known in advance so you can plant things
under that name and have it overwrite a different file that you normally
wouldn't be able to access.  The mkstemp is there exactly to avoid such
problems, not just to create a unique file name.

What's wrong with changing the mode to whatever you like after you're
done with creating the temporary file?

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