Alternatives to waf

Achim Gratz Stromeko at
Sun Dec 10 10:47:07 UTC 2017

Hal Murray via devel writes:
> Richard Laager said:
>> While I agree that waf is obscure (and accordingly wish ntpsec used
>> something else), it seems to do the right thing out of the box. 
> What are the alternatives?  Are there any good ones?

Well, everybody agrees they hate autoconf, yet it's the de-facto
standard.  Much like "nobody ever got fired for buying IBM" in the
mainframe days.  Or like Git has won over the other DVCS despite
everyone saying it does this or that not exactly the way it should be

> Is there a good URL discussing the issues and tradeoffs?

I'm not sure that there is, the topics involved are quite complicated
and tend to fray into extremely involved sub-topics if you ever look
more closely.

> I'm not familiar with that area.  Mostly I get to ignore it since the package 
> maintainers do whatever it takes to make the tool they picked work.

It really is a question of how to create a build system that works
consistently across multiple disparate systems.  Packaging comes in way
later, but using a build system the packagers aren't familiar with is a
considerable impedance mismatch.

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