Python libs on Debian/Raspbian

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Yo Hal!

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Hal Murray <hmurray at> wrote:

> devel at said:
> > We need to focus our default on helping the user that downloads our
> > source tar ball to install the build exactly where Python upstream
> > wants us to:   
> I don't care where it is installed.

Well, by default, you surely do.  You do not want a './waf install' to
overwrite any distro installed copy.

> I'm trying to make sure it works
> after it gets installed.

And it used to, broken starting from commit

> Do we have to use PYTHONPATH on Debian?

Ah, back on the merry-go-round.  The answer is well defined upstream
(distro and Python), but ONLY after wyou specify HOW you are installing.

Any .deb, from a debian repo, will install, in the distro specific
preferred location, and presumeably 'just work'.

Conversely, any plain '/waf install' by user/admin, from our source, 
should go in a place, that MUST require that location in to be in
PYTHONPATH.  This is a long standing Python convention, that got b roken
in commit 947e05e50613aff71abfb8bd4ffdf955d5882744

So, annoying as it can be, for the benefit of the casual ovserver to
this.  We need to stop mingling all these install cases that need to
be kept totally separate.

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