Preparing for a point release

Hal Murray hmurray at
Fri Dec 8 07:48:04 UTC 2017

Richard Laager said:
> NTPsec's `waf configure --destdir` seems broken. That should be fixed,
> especially if helping packagers is a priority. 

--destdir work on install rather than configure.
--prefix works on configure not install

That doesn't seem obvious to me, but that stuff is probably above my pay 

> Have you tried the patch I posted to #414, which removes wafhelpers/
> entirely? 

Looks good to me.

I'm using PYTHONPATH because it was the thing to do ages ago and I never took 
it out.

> Fred Wright's position is that it is better to "us[e] a location that
> actually works over using a location that honors PREFIX". From this premise
> comes wafhelpers/, which I suspect is responsible for
> the problem you are reporting. 

On Fedora, python sys.path doesn't include /usr/local/whatever unless you put 
that in PYTHONPATH.  But /usr/local isn't on my default search path either.  
It seems reasonable to me to require a PYTHONPATH when we require hacking the 
normal search path.

It might be appropriate to give a warning/error message if the install target 
for pylib isn't on the python path.  Should we have a similar warning for 

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