Preparing for a point release

Richard Laager rlaager at
Wed Dec 6 15:11:22 UTC 2017

On 12/06/2017 12:36 AM, Gary E. Miller wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Dec 2017 23:57:37 -0600
> Richard Laager via devel <devel at> wrote:
>> On 12/05/2017 09:52 AM, Eric S. Raymond via devel wrote:
>>> I'm not clear why we care about the pip cases.  
>> I agree. If this matters, it can always be addressed later.
> It matters because we need to obey Debian's rules if we want to make
> it easy for them to pick up NTPsec as a package.

I have already packaged and uploaded NTPsec for Debian:

The python installation path was correct by default already.

On 12/06/2017 08:28 AM, Ian Bruene via devel wrote:
> So if I am understanding this correctly I can wipe the dist/site fix as
> it was doing the Right Thing already, for distribution specific values
> of Right Thing.

Probably? The behavior was already correct for the distro package. Was
anything else broken?


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