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Wed Dec 6 14:28:09 UTC 2017

On 12/05/2017 11:57 PM, Richard Laager via devel wrote:
>  From my reading of that wiki page, the distro-packaged Python uses
> dist-packages whenever stock Python would use site-packages. This way,
> if you install the distro Python package *and* Python from source, you
> can install modules for each and they don't conflict. Modules for the
> distro-packaged Python go in dist-packages, and modules for the
> source-built Python go in site-packages.
> Debian, distro Python, prefix = /usr (e.g. the ntpsec package):
>      /usr/lib/python<ver>/dist-packages
> Debian, source Python, prefix = /usr (e.g. not a great idea):
>      /usr/lib/python<ver>/site-packages
> Debian, distro Python, prefix = /usr/local (e.g. ntpsec from source):
>      /usr/local/lib/python<ver>/dist-packages
> Debian, source Python, prefix = /usr/local (e.g. both from source):
>      /usr/local/lib/python<ver>/site-packages
> Other distros, assuming they don't patch in dist-packages, have only
> site-packages.
> non-Debian, prefix=/usr (e.g. ntpsec package):
>      /usr/lib/python<ver>/site-packages
> non-Debian, prefix=/usr/local (e.g. ntpsec from source):
>      /usr/local/lib/python<ver>/site-packages

So if I am understanding this correctly I can wipe the dist/site fix as 
it was doing the Right Thing already, for distribution specific values 
of Right Thing.

>  From ianbrunene later on IRC:
>    import distutils.sysconfig
>    print(distutils.sysconfig.get_python_lib(
>        standard_lib=0, prefix='/usr/local'));
> Instead of the hard-coded '/usr/local', pass in whatever --prefix was
> passed to waf.

Yes, waf already deals with the prefix, with a default of /usr/local. I 
was trying to trace where the breakage came from.

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