Preparing for a point release

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Dec 6 02:24:29 UTC 2017

> I'm not clear why we care about the pip cases.  Our job is to do a user
> install on default prefix (/usr/local), and a distro insrtall on prefix /
> usr. If we can do that, how are we not finished with this problem? 

I don't understand the pip case.

Why would we want to do a distro install?

I expect a distro would do something like: grab a copy of our bits (git or 
tarball), do a build, use our install recipe as a guideline, copy the right 
bits over to a staging area, setup their install script, and then package the 
whole thing up with their tools.  Sprinkle testing in there as convenient 
and/or appropriate.

Perhaps the copy-the-bits-over step can be simplified if we can install in a 
designated target area.

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