All hands alert - NTPsec gets bad responses from Amazon NTP servers

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Sun Dec 3 19:43:04 UTC 2017

All hands alert.  We have our first, or maybe second depending on how
you count, serious bug. About 33% of the time, NTPsec is eliciting bad
packets from Amazon time service. Classic does not have this problem.

Everyone with knowledge of the NTP protocol and operations issues
should look at this one and try to come up with diagnostics.

I've asked Matt Nordhoff to bisect so we can identify the commit that
introduced the problem. My suspicion falls on Daniel's big protocol
refactor.  It would fall harder on his plan to eliminate info leakage
by zeroing origin headers, but I don't thinl that has actually been
implemented yet. (I could be wrong.)

Something we're sending clearly ain't right. We need to figure out what.
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