Verified - ntpd ignores the year part of refclock timestamps

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Aug 30 05:45:08 UTC 2017

devel at said:
> No?  Well, I just did.!  It's true.  The reason all
> those old, busted Y2K-afflicted refclocks worked is that ntpd really does
> ignore the year part of clock timestamps. 

The problem I'm interested in is not Y2K, it's GPS rollover.  1024 weeks is 
not an integral number of years.  The day and month are garbage too.

I'm seeing:
which is 1998, 01=Jan, 14


I agree this is a mess.  I think we need a flag to go with with the year.  
Then we can update the drivers to provide the year (and set the flag) as we 
get to them.

How many of the GPSD test sets for NMEA have 2 digit years?

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