Apparent protocol-machine bug, new top priority

Achim Gratz Stromeko at
Sun Aug 27 14:48:42 UTC 2017

Eric S. Raymond via devel writes:
> Again, the ntp_peer.c hits are during newpeer initialization.  That
> is, I can't find any way that minpoll recovers after a KOD in
> Classic, either.

As far as I can tell, in classic I never seem to get a KOD or at least
it doesn't move the poll interval up that high.  Somehow, I have an
inkling that the real problem is that the server might count some
requests against the wrong peer and then try to shoot it down with a
KOD.  Otherwise I have no explanation for why it would be possible for a
peer that already runs for quite some time to receive a KOD when another
server (also a peer to the other servers) gets restarted.

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