Time to plan for 1.0

John D. Bell jdb at systemsartisans.com
Mon Aug 7 20:52:40 UTC 2017

Sorry I missed the meeting.  I understand why distro maintainers
wouldn't want pre-1.0 code.  I thought that you would release 1.0 both
as the usual source repo _and_ with "example" packages.  I would expect
that the maintainers might well repackage to suit their tastes.

On 08/07/2017 03:59 PM, Gary E. Miller via devel wrote:
> Yo Eric!
> On Mon, 7 Aug 2017 15:51:13 -0400
> "Eric S. Raymond via devel" <devel at ntpsec.org> wrote:
>> John D. Bell <jdb at systemsartisans.com>:
>>> I thought that one necessity before 1.0 were at least preliminary
>>> "packaged" version for the major distros - i.e., .deb and .rpm
>>> files, conformant to the conventions (file locations, etc.) of the
>>> systems that used them.
>>> Am I wrong?  If not, do you know what the status of these are?  
>> This came up at the staff meeting; unexpectedly, Mark was there. The
>> only packaging he seems to consider must-have is Debian.
> And we have a chicken and egg thing with the distro maintainers, they do
> not want to work with a pre-1.0 version.
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