Work item list: dumping

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Apr 26 07:05:11 UTC 2017

Eric said:
> Possible work item (me): Change Mode 6 so it no longer ships system status
> bits in hex, decoding them into a string token list instead, old behavior
> preserved under ENABLE_CLASSIC_MODE. This is because the PLL* definitions
> aren't guaranteed to be consistent across different system versions. 

> Work item: New Mode 6 responses that unpack status bits into list of string
> tags for the status bits.  Avoids potential problem with PLL bits (outside
> our control) changing due to kernel mods. 

I think the first should be dropped in favor of the second.

I don't see how to make ENABLE_CLASSIC_MODE help with this problem.  There 
are 4 possible combinations of server and ntpq with and without 
ENABLE_CLASSIC_MODE.  We want all of them to work.

I think the new send-string case works if it is sent with a different tag in 
addition to the old hex mode.

I agree that it is possible for different PLL implementations to assign 
different bit values to flags, but none of them have done it yet and it would 
cause all sorts of confusion.  I'd be happy to add a warning at build time.  
(or require a configuration option to get past a fatal error)

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