I think we can drop the Jupiter driver.

Trevor N. trv-n at comcast.net
Wed Apr 26 01:49:26 UTC 2017

I created a loop like that for the Trimble driver. The algorithm is
pretty simple so I'm probably missing something; please check out the
merge request I made a few days ago.  I still need to test the changes
with my simulator and with ntpd started with date offsets.

>Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
>Wed Apr 26 00:16:58 UTC 2017
>>> You could use it as an example of how to do it right.
>> Er, *what*? 
>Fix the code.  Do it right and cleanly.  Add a comment pointing to the page 
>with a full description of the whole mess.  Have that page point back there 
>as an example of how to fix the GPS week roll over problem.
>It's not as simple as
>  if (week < xx) week += 1024
>That only works for 20 years.  You need something like:
>  while (week < xx) week += 1024

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