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Eric S. Raymond esr at
Tue Apr 25 12:54:19 UTC 2017

Hal Murray <hmurray at>:
> gem at said:
> >> I think we need a chart/table showing the types of packets we send
> >> and expect to receive.
> > How about the RFC?  I would hate to duplicate that. 
> No, that's not what I'm looking for.
> We only implement a subset of the full spec.  For example, we don't implement 
> the peer stuff.  I think that's 2 packet types.
> The RFC is pages and pages.  I'm looking for the one page (or less) summary.  
> A pointer to the right section in the RFC might be appropriate.
> Context/background:  There is a two dimensional table used in the input 
> packet processing.  I think we can clean that up by eliminating the table.  
> This is tangled up with broadcast and friends and we removed some of that but 
> I'm not sure exactly sure what is or should be left so I'd like some 
> documentation of what is currently supported.
> The current code for the pool stuff, sends request packets when it gets the 
> DNS answer.  When the reply comes back, it sets up the peer slot.  If the 
> server doesn't respond, there is never any peer slot setup.  That same path 
> also sets up broadcast clients, but I think we don't support that any more.
> I think that table goes away if the pool stuff sets up the peer slot before 
> it sends the first request.  That means response processing is a simple as 
> look for the peer and drop anything that doesn't match.

Since the protocol-engine refactoring, the only person who knows for dead
sure which parts of the RFC we support is Daniel.  I could go digging in the
code, but I might mistake renant stubs for support; his answer should be
faster and more reliavle.

So, Daniel, which packet types are still supported?

IIRC we have removed (for security reasons) manycast, and broadcast client (but
not broadcast server - I think it's still in there but untested since the
refactor).  Something I don't completely recall has been done to peer mode.

Please make a definitive statemement. I will update docs accordingly. 
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